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Orlando wildlife damage repairs

Wildlife Damage can become very extensive very quickly if the problem is not addressed in a timely manner. Our Florida Wildlife Trappers provide full service animal damage repairs. Often times once an animal has gotten into an attic, they damage insulation, chew on electrical wires and damage roofs, soffits and fascia boards during entry. Our Specialist will remove or trap the animal, animal proof the home and fix any damages these pests have created.

If the animal has been caught why repair the damages?

There has been cases where property owners have only wanted to have the animal caught and the repairs were performed by the homeowner, handyman or not completed at all. This creates a problem with animal reoccurrences. even though the initial animal has been caught, opportunistic animals are going to take advantage of the door you have left open for them. This has happened countless times, that has lead to customers calling back with another animal. An experienced wildlife control operator does not have the proper knowledge to animal proof a home. The wildlife control industry has materials specific for animal proofing that the general handyman does not know about. Using the correct materials in the correct application can make all the difference to keeping an animal out.

Common types of repairs performed for homeowners include contaminated insulation removal, insulation replacement, roof repairs, soffit and fascia board repairs, installation of roof vent guards, vent covers, and chimney cap installations. What ever the problem or damage may be, we can correct it. Wildlife Control and Animal Damage Repairs go hand in hand, we are confident we can solve your animal problem!

Insulation Services

It is common for animals to get into attics of homes. They like attics because they are high and quiet, away from predators which makes the animal feel safe and a perfect birthing place. The problems that go along with animals in attics are enormous and costly if not caught quickly. Insulation services is one of the most common services for wildlife control companies. As these animals are living in your attic they are also using it for bedding and a toilet. This creates two problems, the first being the insulation becoming contaminated from animal urine and feces. The second problem is the damage the animal causes to the insulation. As the animal is using the insulation for bedding they are smashing the insulation which destroys the R-value. An R-value is the measure of the insulations ability to resist heat flow which ultimately impacts your homes heating and cooling efficiency. We have the proper safety equipment to remove contaminated insulation and install new insulation.

Roof Repairs

Raccoons are the biggest culprit in causing damages to roofs. These animals are very strong and have dexterity in their hands. This combination allows them to take advantage of any imperfection in a roof, they are able to grab and rip off loose shingles and gain access into an attic. Raccoons often times will rip off attic fans as well. Preventative measures can be taken to prevent this from happening. Installing A steel roof vent guard over attic fans prevent this from happening. If an animal is found to have gained access through the roof, the animal can be removed or trapped and necessary repairs made, and preventative materials installed.

Florida Wildlife Trappers can correct all types of animal damages, call us today to discuss your problem!

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