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Orlando beaver trapping

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Orlando Beaver Trapping and control services are provided by Florida Willdife Trappers throughout Central Florida and surrounding areas.

Are you having an issue with beavers damaging trees? Flooding ponds or lakes? Florida Wildlife Trappers can help! Beavers are harmless but can create major damage in a short amount of time. The most common types of damages theses pest create include killing of trees and flooding lakes and ponds. The most effective way to deal with a beaver is to trap and remove it. We offer services to trap beavers and remove dams they may have built. Contact us to discuss your beaver problem, we can make tailor a beaver control plan to meet your needs.

Beaver Identification

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Beavers are primarily large, nocturnal semiaquatic rodents. They are the second largest rodent world wide only second to the capybara. The North American Beaver are the types of beavers found in the U.S. and Orlando Florida. They adult can weigh anywhere from 25-70lbs with an average weight of 45lbs but older beavers have been found to weigh much more. Beavers have a double coat of dark brown fur and scent glands located near their genitals that secrete an oily substance known as castoreum to waterproof its fur. These semiaquatic rodents have a large flat pabble-shaped tail, webbed hind feet and unwebbed front paws with claws.

Beaver Habitat

Beavers are primarily active at night, they are nocturnal. They work during the night to gather sticks, twigs, mud, rock to build their lodge along with buidling dams. They prefer to build their lodge in an area surrounded by water or touching land such as burrows into river banks. They will build dams in order to deepen the water around their lodge in order to escape predators. A dam may not be needed if the water surrounding their den is already deep. Problems arise when beavers build dams they create flooding for homeowners and commercial property owners.

Beaver Damage

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The most significant damage a beaver causes is from flooding caused by dams and killing of trees.

Beaver Dams

Damages caused by beavers include flooding from dams and killing of trees. Beavers build dams for protection against predators and to deepen waters around lodge to easily escape from these predators. Beavers work at night to build these dams with sticks, twigs, rocks, and mud. In order to remove and get rid of beaver dams you must get rid of the beaver. Beavers can rebuild a dam in a single night.

Tree Damage

The second problem with having beavers is the destruction they due to trees in a short amount of time. Beavers will travel up to as much as 200 feet away from water in search of trees. A beaver will knock down a tree as big as 24 inches in diameter.

Beaver Trapping & Removal

The most effective way to deal with a beaver is to have it trapped and removed. Beavers are very territorial and spend much of their energy focused on building and maintaining their lodge and dams. They mark their territories with scent mounds and will rebuild a dam in a single night. Since so much is put into mainting their territoiry they will agressivley defend it. There has been occurrences where beavers have bitten humans in defense of their territory.

Beaver Trapping should only be performed by a skilled trapper. Trapping beavers often involve the use of dangerous body gripping traps they will are set in open waterways. A novice can be seriously injured by these types of traps. Beaver trapping should only be performed by a professional beaver trapper. Florida Wildlife Trappers are experts at beaver trapping and perform beaver trapping in Central Florida and surrounding areas of Summit County, Florida.

Florida Wildlife Trappers are a Nuisance Wildlife Control company that specializes in Orlando Beaver Trapping.

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