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Orlando bat control

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Florida Bat Removal is a common service provided by Wildlife Control Operators.

Florida is home to 13 native differet bat species, and 7 accidental species. Most common bats of Florida are the the Little Brown Bat. This common bat cause the most problems for homeowners and businesses of Florida. Although there are several types of bats that can be found in Florida these are the two that are the most common. These two bats are classified as cave dwelling bats, which is why they are commonly found in attics, warehouses, churches and other Orlando buildings.

If a bat colony has been detected, our experts can determine the size of the colony, how they are entering a building and the best exclusion method necessary to get rid of them. We provide complete solutions from getting rid of the bats, to making necessary repairs and removal of hazardous bat guano. We see your problem thorugh to the end. Give our bat control experts a call today for an onsite evaluation of your bat problem.

Florida Bat Problems

Little brown bats and big brown bats often take advantage of small imperfections and construction gaps in homes and businesses. Once they find these cracks they will access an attic and begin forming colonies. A small colony overtime can develop into a much larger colony upwards of 100 - 200 bats. These maternal colonies can become a possible health problem by having them live inside an attic. Bats are associated with rabies and Histoplasmosis. Although, bats are beneficial mammals to have in the environment that are not safe to have living in a homes attic. Once bats have been discovered living inside an attic or building call our professional wildlife company, we safely, and humanely remove bats from attics, church belfries, warehouses, buildings and other structures throughout Orlando.

Bats are very beneficial to the environment, but should never be allowed to cohabit with humans. There are many health risks related to bats including rabies and histoplasmosis. Bats and guano should never be handled without the proper safety equipment.

Bat Guano Removal

Generally whenever bats are present within a structure, there will aslo be bat guano. After the bats have been removed, process of removing the guano can be initiated. Guano can contain harmful bacteria and fungus that is known to cause histoplasmosis. The fungus is spread by the breathing in of spores. Safety precautions and equipment should always be used when handling bat guano. We use Hepa vacuums and proper safety equipment when handling gunao. We have all the proper safety equipment to remove guano safely.

Bat Exclusion

The most humane and safe way to remove bats is an exclusion method. This allows the bats to freely exit a structure naturally without harm or stress placed on the bat. If performed correctly the bats will not be able to reenter the structure once they have exited. It is important to have a reputable wildlife control company that specializes in bat control services. If an exclusion is not performed correctly the bats could be harmed or forced into the living space of a home. Florida Wildlife Trappers are a trained bat excluder company and can handle all types of residential and commercial bat problems.

13 Native Florida Bat Species

Florida Bonneted Bat, Velvety Free-tailed Bat, Bazilian (Mexican Free-tailed bat, Hoary Bat, Northern Yellow Bat, Southeastern Myotis, Tricolored Bat, Gray Bat, Rafinesque's Big-eared Bat, Big Brown Bat, Evening Bat, Eastern Red Bat, and Seminole Bat

Florida Wildlife Trappers are a Nuisance Wildlife Control company that specializes in Orlando Bat Control.

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